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Photos courtesy of : Simeone automotive museum Philadelphia

Address : 6831 Norwitch Dr, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

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It is my pleasure to welcome you to the Simeone Foundation Automotive Museum and to share with you a display of racing sports cars I have been collecting since I was a young man.

Living organisms, fighting for survival, adapt to the demands of their environment. The strongest pass on their superior genes to future generations. In the competition between the species, the fittest indeed do survive.


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4 years ago
The museum has race cars from the early 1900's up until the 80's. Cars are behind ropes, but you get close enough access to see inside and get good pictures. I would estimate there were just under a 100 cars in the museum. We didn't go on one of the demo weekends, but I think that would have made for a better experience. Actually being able to see the cars in action and look under the hood.
4 years ago
Amazing winning race cars from the last century!
4 years ago
Wow! What an awesome place. I would recommend if you go to look up when their next demo day is. Nearly all of the cars in the museum are in running order as evidenced by their demo days. It is quite an amazing collection of historic cars. Not just historic in that it was a car that was made in low numbers. But the cars here have individual acclaim. Upon walking in they were moving their Porsche 917 into place for the days events. Just hearing the engine and the smell of race fuel and oil were enough to get me excited. My son and I had some time to browse before the first event of the day. A Scrutineering session. They detailed the engineering feats of each of the cars on their demo day agenda in wonderful detail. Next was the equally interesting history talk. Then moved the cars to the demo area. Was really cool to see historic Le Mans cars driving around albeit in a pretty small area. My only complaint is it was really hard for my son to see. Unfortunately old men with cameras don’t have any manners. Overall it was a wonderful time and we will be making the trek from Baltimore again soon. Thank you for the great time.
5 years ago
Went here with my 12-year-old son today. Why are you guys keeping yourselves a secret?? I'm not a car racing enthusiast, but I've worked in Southwest Philly for 11 years and didn't know you were here! We had a good time learning about the cars and deciding which were our favorites. I suggest considering interactive exhibits to attract more families with young children and field trips. I also agree with the person who said upgraded lighting would help visitors enjoy the beautiful cars. Thank you for giving us a fun and unique outing!
5 years ago
A car's lover dream, thank you Dr Simeone for sharing your passion with the world. It was my first time visiting, but definitely won't be the last. I only have one suggestion, please get more lighting so one could see all the details in your beautiful collection of cars.

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Simeone automotive museum Philadelphia is an automotive museum located at 6825 Norwitch Drive in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.


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