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Address : 129 S 13th St, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

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Wines by the bottle or glass plus cocktails & bistro plates both big & small, all in an airy venue. Celebrate your event with up to 20 guests! Call in advance and reserve!

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Yelp Rating: 4 - 372 Votes
Yelp reviews
Google Rating: 4.3
4 years ago
Good beer and company but that's about it. I sincerely felt bad for my colleagues sitting 3 sits away from my table due to the nature of the bartender. Our waiter was fine but for the rest of our group I hate to say I'm glad I wasn't sitting with them when it came to payment. I can only imagine how it must feel to have someone speak to you as if you're the inconvenience in their day. From their accounts the bartender was not only rude but disrespectful and condescending to the group. After asking if the group knew what Venmo was he continued to be inconsiderate to each of them. Overall, if you want a beer this place has that for you but if you want lively bartenders (who don't talk down on you) then catch a flight to the south.
4 years ago
Echoing the reports of my colleagues... We had the kind of experience that left us all talking about (and laughing at) the egotistical bartender who felt so superior to us that he questioned whether or not we knew that we could make his job easier on him if we could all just download, learn about, and go through the effort of transferring payments between the group via Venmo to pay our bill. This would, after all, make his job easier on him. Last I checked, it is the restaurant's job to collect payment, and accommodate payment methods for guests. Having worked in restaurants for 15 years myself, I know that it may be a pain to split a bill a million ways (especially if you are busy), but we we were just 5 people, who wanted 5 bills, and the restaurant was not even half full. I feel so bad that he had to spend an additional 45 seconds of his life accommodating those of us giving him money (insert eye roll emoji). He made us feel that we were a major inconvenience to him - OH wait, just kidding, he actually said that. Anyway, I have never posted a review on ANY business, but this place is not worth your time simply because the totally impolite customer service will make you forget about the okay food and tiny glass of wine that you just had.
4 years ago
Rude waiter. Rude bartenders. We came from out of town and just wanted a small bite to eat. Also, apparently we pay a 20% tip for 5 people? We were all kind and grateful towards our server, but he could care less. Asked for the manager and he “wasn’t there”... convenient. Don’t waste your time or money... unless you like to support businesses who treat you like dirt and take your money. Unprofessional and a ruined evening with my colleagues.
4 years ago
Where to start... Myself and my colleagues stopped in for a quick drink and meal while we were visiting from out of town for a conference. We decided to sit at the bar as the “host” told us we were welcome to do. From the start our service at the bar the nameless bartender, was poor. It took 10 minutes for us to get our waters and even after our entire group ordered drinks, he still did not take our food order. Let it be known- there were food menus at the seats...How about don’t offer food at the bar if you don’t want to serve it to customers who are willing to support your business. I would just like to point out that me & my friends were not taking up seats for other customers. There was NO ONE waiting. After being giving the check, we asked for it to be separate because we all needed to pay separately in order to be reimbursed for our dinner as we were on a work trip. We were apologetic and polite in asking. He immediately responded (with attitude that we did not order) “do y’all not know what Venmo is??” ... i mean i was quite shocked to say the least. Surely he did not say that, but oh yes he did. He proceed to walk away, and returned with a piece of paper and pen- just to ask all of us what we just ordered 30 minutes ago. (Seriously?) when we gave some push back for that he responded with...”I’m a bartender not a server, I don’t remember what you ordered.” But, did you not just serve us food? I would really appreciate an explanation as to why there are food menus at the bar if the establishment does not prefer to serve food in that way. Just make it easier on everyone instead of being passive aggressive. Now if y’all made it this far, thanks for reading! Were from the south so we know good customer service and hospitality. Ps go if you like rude people Bc that was a 5 star
4 years ago
A big surprise for me was the curry cauliflower and chickpea salad. I never thought to mix those spices and those foods together, can't wait to try at home, opens up so many possibilities. It's not easy to find a good duck pate, the one here is very good if you have never tried it before. And my montepulciano . . .

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-group-profile-users 10 - 20 people maximum


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 contact phoneNumber (215) 922-3095

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Vintage Philadelphia is a bar.


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Vintage hours of operation below. Please check Vintage's Philadelphia website for accurate hours, especially around holidays.

  •  1 availability Monday: 04:00 PM - 02:00 AM
  •  2 availability Tuesday: 04:00 PM - 02:00 AM
  •  3 availability Wednesday: 04:00 PM - 02:00 AM
  •  4 availability Thursday: 04:00 PM - 02:00 AM
  •  5 availability Friday: 04:00 PM - 02:00 AM
  •  6 availability Saturday: 12:00 PM - 02:00 AM
  •  7 availability Sunday: 12:00 PM - 02:00 AM

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Special Message about Venue Rentals

Please be aware all of our pricing for venues are simply estimates. For exact pricing information please contact the venue directly.


Vintage does not allow BYOF for private parties.

 food BYOF option not available


Vintage does not allow BYOB for private parties.

 wine BYOB option not available


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