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Address : 3260 South St, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

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At the Penn Museum, make powerful connections between ways of life past and present, near and far. Discover the cultures of Africa, Asia, the Americas, and the Mediterranean, from the very first cities of the Middle East to the kings of ancient Egypt; from prehistoric Mexico to the lives of Native American communities today.

The Museum is a place for everyone to explore who we are and where we came from. Whether in our galleries or through our online Digital Penn Museum, experience the mystery of the ancient past, gain an understanding of our shared humanity, and find your own place in the arc of human history.


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4 years ago
I've been to a couple of university museums and, generally, they're a little rough. I was pleased to see how nice the Penn Museum was. Materials were laid out in a sensible manner, materials were provided for both the interests of young and old (probably leaning a bit toward adults), and the variety and quality of materials were fantastic. It was the largest exhibit of Etruscan artifacts I've seen outside of Italy and they were no slouch on the rest of their exhibits. I'm sure that similar care will be taken with the new sections as soon as they are open. I do have a few issues. There were a couple of exhibitions put on display that were mainly focused on pushing a particular ideological slant. I appreciate that all creations are done with a particular point of view, but part of the power of historical study is to attempt to present materials from a variety of perspectives to grant an understanding of the whole issue. I do not have enough experience to tell if this was a one-off, but it was frustrating. The museum was a bit difficult to navigate and struggled with flow, though I imagine that was largely due to their renovations. The last bit regards the Egypt exhibit. There were several preserved persons in the exhibits that were presented in uncomfortably exposed ways with the only warning being a tiny sign stating that the exhibit included human remains. One particular case included a fully nude preserved male with a rectangular hole cut in the top of his skull, another of a preserved child, another of a person with toes exposed. I recognize that part of understanding previous cultures includes funerary practices, but I don't know if a presentation to that degree was warranted and might have been disturbing for many adults or small children. I would either suggest that a more specific warning be added to detail this, or that the remains of these humans be presented with more dignity to the persons who have effectively been taken from their place of rest to be used as a show for Western audiences.
4 years ago
I really enjoy the events hosted here. It's local to everything as well. The museum itself has some interesting pieces. It has a different feel from other museums to me. It's more intimate and exclusive but welcoming.
4 years ago
As of October 2019, the place is under a major renovation. Many parts are closed. Construction dust is visible all around. It is extremely loud and not exactly enjoyable. Wait until the construction is completed before you decided to go.
4 years ago
A really nice Mueseum on Penn’s campus with multiple exhibits of different countries artifacts. All the artifacts were really beautiful and unique. Seems like they’re doing a lot of construction to make new exhibits so I’m excited to see what will come next.
4 years ago
This was a gr8 place to visit with the various exhibits and many artifacts. The best part for my family was viewing a real mummy with the scientist who was about to retrieve a DNA sample....has dropping. We loved 💖 it! Go Explore!
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Penn Museum Philadelphia is an archaeology and anthropology museum that is part of the University of Pennsylvania.


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