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Address : 3060 W Jefferson St, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

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Our mission is to provide a thoughtful space that supports healthy childhood development and parenthood in the early years. Our child-led play space, educational classes, and support groups provide an environment for connection, growth, and empowerment. In this way, Kith + Kin supports thriving families that strengthen the entire community.


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4 years ago
Great space! My children love it and we recently had my 3 yo birthday party there and they were simply FANTASTIC. Can't rave enough about this place so happy to have it in my neighborhood.
4 years ago
Love this place, awesome developmental play and social perks!! The owners are super sweet (woman owned🤩) and the offerings there cover prenatal education to postpartum support to toddler age and above. It’s an awesome place to pop in and meet other parents and kids in the neighborhood. 10/10 would recommend.
4 years ago
I recently had my son's first birthday there and after already loving it from our experiences there prior, I now am absolutely obsessed. A first birthday is a tough balance of including all the grandparents and all the new baby friends. Every adult, whether they came with or without a child, had a blast and the little ones smiled and played the day away. The owner and her assistant were truly helpful. I dropped off the decorations the day before and they had it all set up for me when I got there. It was such a relief to walk into. They do have their own decorations you can use as well. I had it catered from a local sandwich shop and bakery. I continue to look back on that day and smile. Do yourself a favor and bring your little one to Kith + Kin. You will not regret a moment you spend there.
4 years ago
If you’re a new parent this place is the answer to all(most) of your problems ha. You will meet other parents that don’t have a clue what they’re doing/think they know; your little one will make a ton of friends; and you’ll be have so much fun together. There’s a cafe and the snacks are healthy and delicious. They have so many fun classes for the kids and informative ones for the ‘rents. But wait...there’s more—they have a bomb happy hour. Yes. The kids play and we drink 😅. Most importantly, the two women owners- Eden and Jess, are the kindest women I’ve met in a long time. Christina is a cool chick too.
5 years ago
This place is incredible! So many fun experiences for small kids. I have a 1 year old boy, and he LOVES this place! We have a membership, and we come multiple times a week. When we first started coming he was showing no desire to walk. Being around other kids, and so many fun toys motivated him to get walking! ;) So many great age appropriate toys! The cafe has great kid and parent snacks! The classes here are fabulous! And the best part? My kiddo is so tired that he takes a whopping nap the minute we get home! Its a major parenting win!
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  •  6 availability Sunday: 09:00 AM - 03:00 PM

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