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Address : 728 S 4th St, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

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Fabriq Spa is a day spa, acupuncture and wellness center in the heart of Philadelphia’s Fabric Row. We look forward to welcoming you to Fabriq – a spa cut from a different cloth.

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4 years ago
Down right AMAZING! An excellent massage from beginning to end. I was really impressed that Drew wanted to know what parts of my body needed attention, then he worked on those parts. He even gave me some very helpful tips on how to keep my body loose, to not get so tight. Thanks so much!
4 years ago
I was skeptical about acupuncture but desperate for a baby. I wasn't ready for anything Western medicine had to offer me in terms of treatment for "unexplained" infertility. After 6 months of weekly acupuncture treatment with Gabrielle, I became pregnant. I maintained treatment throughout my pregnancy and now have a precious, healthy baby girl. Thank you, Lord! And thank you Gabrielle for helping me find balance, peace and health. In addition to this ultimate success story, acupuncture significantly helped me manage anxiety (likely a main contributor to my infertility) and migraine headaches. Gabrielle is passionate and genuine in nature. I value her expertise and friendship. Fabriq spa is calm, clean, and comfortable. Drew and Holly are incredibly kind and helpful.
5 years ago
This establishment is very clean, and very nice. This is my third time visiting Fabriq Spa and everytime the front desk has welcomed me & offered me a glass of water. Everyone is very professional as well as very friendly. All of the staff go out of your way to make you feel welcomed. Also, the smell is amazing, always! Whoever makes the scents, go you! Regarding the services A++++ 5 stars! I have had waxes here, as well as a facial! I never felt more relaxed in my entire life! It was so peaceful! Patti is was my aestitician all 3 times. She is very professional, and makes you feel at ease when getting waxed. She is very knowledgable at her craft, so you can ask her anything. She has suggested a lot of products that have worked wonders for my skin. Also shout out to the chapstick she recommended, no more chap lips here! All in all to finish up Fabriq is the best! You will not be disappointed in this place. I can’t wait for my next appoiment!
5 years ago
I was in horrible pain after I fell down a short flight of wooden stairs, landing on my upper back, shoulder, and neck. Gabrielle went out of her way to fit me into her schedule, so that she could treat me right away. Not only did her acupuncture so perfectly address and relieve my pain, but her bedside manner and followup was by far the best of any acupuncturist I've seen. When I found out she also has a master's degree from Harvard in medical ethics, I wasn't surprised! I've also seen her for years to treat a chronic hip problem and find that her acupuncture is one of the only things that gives me relief. I wish I lived closer so that I could see her more!
5 years ago
Warning to everyone out there who intends to visit Fabriq Spa. They billed my insurance very large amounts of money, with minimal explanation to my wife. She apparently signed some "form" allowing them to bill my insurance, but they have refused to provide me a copy of that form. Then proceeded to bill me large amounts of money ($2000+), beyond what my insurance has agreed to pay. (according to my records). They have refused to verify any of the charges nor provide any receipts that payments were made to them. Furthermore, they recently threatened to report me to a collection agency if I didn't pay. I've never dealt with a business like theirs. I OPENLY invite Fabriq Spa to respond to this post. Because I could provide scanned documentation and e-mails to back up any of my claims, but I would be hesitant to do so for privacy reasons. And YES, I did wait more than a year to pay you. Because you still to this day, have not provided the documentation I asked for. I only paid, because it will cost me more than $1000 to get my credit straightened out after you send me to collections. My advice is to be very careful with this establishment. And if you do visit this place, ASK THEM FOR A RUNNING TOTAL of the amount you AND YOUR INSURANCE owe them. You will need to keep your own records, because they provide insufficient information. I have no comments about the quality of the service itself.
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Fabriq Spa Philadelphia is a specializes in all-natural and organic skincare, Facials, Acupuncture, and Massage Therapy.


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  •  2 availability Tuesday: 10:00 AM - 04:00 PM
  •  3 availability Thursday: 09:00 AM - 08:00 PM
  •  4 availability Friday: 11:00 AM - 08:00 PM
  •  5 availability Saturday: 10:00 AM - 05:00 PM
  •  6 availability Sunday: 09:00 AM - 05:00 PM

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